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A perfect smile for your perfect day: wedding dental packages

Summer is generally considered the busiest, or peak wedding season by quite a lot of minds. Who can be blamed for that, to be fair? Summer is the season of bright sunshine, fresh produce, possible ventures to faraway places, well-deserved relaxation and catching up with long-seen, old friends and family. It does sound like an ideal time for weddings, does it not? Even if you do not picture your dream wedding in the Summer, we would love to help you achieve your perfect smile, regardless of which season you choose. Each has its own wonders!

Are you perhaps happily engaged, preparing for the bells?

Should you plan on getting married in the near (or even not-so-near) future, we advise that you check out the dental treatment packages that The Hungarian Dental Clinic has to offer. As some of the treatments are quite time-consuming, you might find something for the ceremony planned in two years.

Please read along if you would like to know more about the available packages.

Who can purchase wedding dental packages? Is the offer limited to the fiancés?


Our dental clinic happily awaits not only brides and grooms but bridal parties as well! We offer you a variety of different dental packages to choose from.

Wedding dental packages Letterkenny

Who can purchase wedding dental packages? Is the offer limited to the fiancés?

The most affordable wedding package at our dental clinic is the Bronze Package, which includes composite veneers from €60 per tooth, an at-home teeth-whitening kit for €280, a scale and polish treatment that comes with a free air flow polish (in a value of 45 euros) and acrylic plate dentures from €300.

The second one is the Silver Package. Similarly to the Bronze Package, this one includes a scale and polish treatment with a free air flow polish (in a value of 45 euros), and an at-home teeth-whitening kit for €280. However, with the Silver Package, you can also opt for an in-surgery whitening treatment paired with an at-home whitening kit for €550, lab veneers for €400 per tooth and zirconium crowns for €645 per tooth.

The third and last package available at our dental clinic is the Gold Package, with which you may get orthodontic braces (upper and lower, metal or ceramic) from €2000, implants from €1400, an in-surgery whitening treatment with an at-home whitening kit for €550, a scale and polish treatment with a free air flow polish (in a value of 45 euros). The package also comes with a free Oral B electric toothbrush!

If you like the packages but are unsure whether any of them would be a great choice for you, please know: we also offer custom packages that can be made to suit individual needs.

How long before the wedding should I have my treatments scheduled?

If you would like to get Zirconium crowns, veneers, or teeth whitening done before your big day, we recommend that you have a check-up and treatment plan six months before the event. If you are planning to get implants, it is advised to leave a one-year period before the date. Braces prove to be the most time-consuming as they take as long as two years, however, you may also choose to wear braces because of the aesthetic, nearly invisible ceramic brackets.

My wedding is in only a week, but I would still like to improve my smile before the date! How do I solve this?

Do not worry, our dental clinic is here to help you!  Even if you have only one or two weeks prior to your wedding day, you may want to consider our Bronze Package. The package would be a great option for you because it involves treatments that can be successfully completed in such a short amount of time. The combination of the scale and polish, and air flow polish treatments included in this package achieves a clean, bright smile. First, the scale and polish treatment thoroughly cleans the teeth by removing plaque and tartar buildup. Second, the air flow polish treatment cleanses the discolouration from the surface of the teeth. The result is a fresher, whiter and brighter smile, made perfect when shining on your special day.


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If you would like to opt for one of our packages or to get some more information, simply give us a call, or just stop by the clinic at 11 Upper Main Street Letterkenny. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you either way.