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afraid of the dentist

Are you afraid of the dentist? Here’s why some people are

Although public discourse is getting more and more conscious about health and health awareness, many people are still dreading paying their dentists a visit. There are multiple reasons why people might be afraid to get their teeth checked or treated, this article aims to not only enumerate some of these but also to prove the importance of scheduled visits and proper treatments. At the Hungarian Dental Clinic in Letterkenny, we offer kind and professional help to all of our patients.

There may be various reasons and stories behind people who are afraid of the dentist. All patients have different pain tolerance, they all have a medical history, connection to their teeth and smiles. Our list is definitely incomplete, you may have other reasons and further arguments, but we must encourage you to schedule a consultation with your dentist so that they can inform you about your options, possibilities, and possible solutions to your phobias, fears, and problems. Treating dental problems is crucial because a toothache can influence your day-to-day attitude and having decaying or missing teeth is the first thing that other people notice about us. If you happen to have doubts or concerns about dental treatments, working through them is the first step to making sure you can always smile freely for the camera.

dental pain

Dentistry is often associated with pain

Toothache is arguably one of the worst possible pains anybody could experience. It keeps you up at night, makes it almost impossible to eat, makes you grumpy, and can cause headaches. However, people are still hesitant about getting their teeth treated because they fear that the pain of the treatment would be even worse than a couple of days of toothache. Let us assure you that treatments might include some discomfort, but it is still important that you take care of your dental hygiene and health. Do not forget that a (metaphorical) stitch in time saves nine!

Being exposed

We understand that sitting in a chair with your (numb) mouth open while someone else is in charge of the situation might be uncomfortable for some. However, our Dental Clinic in Letterkenny is a welcoming, non-threatening, friendly space for you to voice your concerns. We make sure that you know your doctor, trust them and are comfortable with your course of treatment so that you can be as comfortable with the treatment itself as possible.

dental trauma


By trauma, we do not mean physical trauma (even though that can cause anxiety later on as well) but having experienced a traumatic treatment previously, maybe even as a child. It may have been the toothache itself or the treatment but having a bad experience can cause anxiety that would stop you from getting your teeth treated. However, dental symptoms can lead to tooth decay or erosion, headaches, sleep deprivation and further health problems. Our dentists at the Hungarian Dental Clinic in Letterkenny can help you prevent diseases, walk you through the procedure so that you are comfortable in your chair. So even if it seems difficult, make sure you take that first step and reach out to our dentists in time.

As mentioned before, this list may not be complete, you might have a different experience. But at our Dental Clinic, we offer you the best possible treatment that we can so that you have a quick recovery, and you can freely smile in all your photos without being anxious about how your teeth would look like. Our dentists create a friendly and comfortable environment for you so that you can rewrite your traumatic memories if you have them or reinforce the good experience you already have. If you experience problems or any symptoms similar to what we have already discussed on the blog previously, reach out to our Hungarian Dental Clinic as soon as possible so that we can schedule you for a consultation with the most suitable dentist of ours.