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Dental services under Pay-Related Social Insurance (PRSI)

The dentist at our dental clinic at 11 Upper Main Street, Letterkenny, Donegal is a registered provider of the PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme.


Please read more about the Benefit Scheme and the Dental Treatment Entitlements at our dental clinic in the following.

Hungarian Dental Clinic Letterkenny

What is there to know about the Treatment Benefit Scheme?

The Treatment Benefit Scheme provides dental, optical and aural services to those in self-employment, to insured workers, as well as retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions. Provided by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, the Treatment Benefit Scheme may benefit not only you, but your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant too, as they might also qualify for the Benefit on your social insurance record, should they be dependent on you and not have enough social insurance contributions.

What PRSI dental treatment entitlements are available at the Hungarian Dental Clinic?

The PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme entitles PRSI workers to claim a free annual dental examination, as well as a subsidised Scaling & Polishing treatment for only €10. Those paying PRSI contributions may be entitled to avail of these services as well.

PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme

What are the benefits of a free annual dental check-up?

We generally recommend that you get a comprehensive dental check-up every six months, as the regular, professional assessment of your oral cavity plays a huge part in avoiding dental issues such as cavities, as well as in ensuring that other dental health problems are detected as soon as possible, before they can escalate and cause serious harm to the state of your oral, as well as general health. When thinking about your oral health, you should not only be considering the condition of your teeth and gums, but the health of various other anatomical structures such as your muscles, nerves and bones. Your oral health affects and is affected by your overall health, meaning your oral cavity may be indicative of other medical issues – such as diabetes or even HIV – in their early stages.

It is also worth mentioning that if you take the time and energy to go to regular oral examinations and dental cleanings, you will be much more likely to prevent potential, expensive dental procedures in the future, saving not only the peace of your mind, but your money at the same time.

What constitutes a Scaling and Polishing treatment, and why is it a swell deal for €10?

Scaling and Polishing is a dental cleaning treatment essential to maintaining the cleanliness and health of your oral cavity, which is why it is important that you visit your dentist at least once, more ideally twice a year for such a treatment. The Scaling is what removes the plaque buildup, tartar, stains and deposits that otherwise would not budge from your enamel, however thorough and consistent your oral hygiene routine might be, because such issues need to be assessed and treated by a dental professional. After Scaling, Polishing is done with a polishing paste applied to the teeth in order to prevent infection and disease. Scaling and Polishing not only removes plaque, tartar and discolouration, but eliminates bacteria as well to ensure healthy teeth and gums, prevent bad breath, gum disease and cavities.

How do I know whether I qualify for the PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit?

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit, please do not be shy about your queries. Simply contact our reception so that we are able to check and inform you whether you can avail of the benefit. To check whether you qualify for the Treatment Benefit Scheme, we are going to ask that you provide your Personal Public Service (PPS) number, the date of your birth, as well as your signature/consent. The latter is necessary because the Department of Social Protection can enable the payment of your claim only after you agree to us having your information and give us your consent to have this information supplied to the Department. If you would like to claim the Benefit as a dependant under the PRSI record of your insured spouse, civil partner or cohabitant, we will require the PPS number of the insured person, and that both of you sign the Consent Form.