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Facial Aesthetics

What do you want to achieve ? 

  • Achieve youthful look 
  • Enhanche your confidence
  • Harmonized facial 
  • Healthier  look
  • Slow down the aging process 

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics at the Hungarian dental Clinic is specializing in natural looking non-surgical, medical facial aesthetics.

Discreet and Personalized service

We are committed to helping individuals enhance their natural beauty from the inside out.



Benefits of Facial Treatments:

  • They replenish your skin’s natural collagen.
  • Collagen can fill out  skin depressions 
  • Can reduce the appearance of scars
  • Collagen Lip fillers pump up the lips adding fullness and volume 

Our treatment offers :

Lip fillers

Puppet lines
fading wrinkles around the nose, chin and lips

Harmonizing the profile now that your braces are off

Smoker lines


Consultation with treatment plan: 30 euros
Treatments from 300 euros


On arrival you will be asked to read and sign an Informed Consent Formand provide your details.
After the assesment we discuss realistic treatment options for you based on your expectations .The cost of the proposed treatment will also be discussed.
On the day of your appointment do not apply base make-up or creams, wash your face with an antiseptic face wash.


The facial treatments are painless.

Some people might experience slight brusing after the treatment, which is normal and calms down soon…

It takes a few days to notice the actual effect of anti-wrinkle injections.





You will be given an after care and an advice

You will be offered the opportunity to book a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks to review the result of your treatment.


The result can be last upt to 12 or 18 months.

You will be required to pay in full for your appointment by card or cash before leaving.


For an appointment please contact

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