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Goodbye summer, goodbye amber! – Teeth whitening treatments

Have you been flipping through glossy magazine pages or scrolling through Instagram to find out about the latest trends this autumn with all its warm colours? Crimson, maroon, moss and russet are wonderful colours to wear but amber hues could be avoided, especially with relation to teeth. If you are wondering how models keep their teeth so white or have considered getting a teeth whitening treatment, let us give you more information on what options are available.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

What can you do to prevent it?

How can you remedy it once the damage is done?

According to a survey carried out by an Irish clinic, 60 per cent of the respondents were down in the mouth about what they saw in their mouths, and 65 per cent wanted to make their teeth white. If you are among the latter percentage, please read on.


Research shows that a wide variety of reasons can be given as to why teeth would get discoloured, including genetics, ageing, lack of proper dental hygiene, illness, some medications, and etcetera.

However, some lifestyle choices are to be blamed most for the discolouration of teeth, such as drinking coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and even eating tomato-based sauces or chocolate.

You could say no to your morning coffee/tea and spaghetti Bolognese with a glass of red wine, even chocolate maybe – but who would like to abandon these flavourful delights?

In addition, the sad truth is, the day-to-day brushing of teeth combined with the passing of time contribute to a slow and steady thinning of your enamel, even if you eliminated all of the staining factors.


What if we gave you the option to enjoy your beloved beverages and foods without worrying about the yellow tint?

The Hungarian Dental Clinic offers two teeth whitening possibilities to help you achieve radiant white teeth: you can choose the Take-Home Whitening Treatment or the In-Surgery Whitening Treatment.

How to prepare for and what to expect during and after receiving teeth-whitening treatment?

How long before you can flaunt your fresher and cleaner smile?

Please note that a scale and polish treatment is needed before each whitening treatment and can be purchased for €45.00.

If you opt for the Take-Home Whitening Treatment, you will first need a scaling and polishing treatment, which will thoroughly cleanse the teeth by removing plaque and tartar build-up and prepare you for the removal of unnecessary stains and tints – which you will perform at the comfort of your own home. The take-home whitening kit includes individual whitening trays custom-made for the patient, whitening gel, and detailed instructions. You can expect to see results after you have applied the whitening gel every night for two weeks. If you prefer this alternative, you may book an appointment online and buy the treatment for €280.

What to do if you cannot or do not intend to wait for two weeks for your shiny white teeth?

If you are pushed for time or just prefer instant but long-lasting results, we would recommend the In-Surgery Whitening Treatment. After the scaling and polishing process, your teeth get whitened during the hour-long treatment, in which the dentist applies whitening gel to your teeth and shines a light to activate the gel. You can see the results immediately after receiving the treatment but you also get a take-home whitening kit to continue with the whitening treatment at home (to reach your desired shade and to maintain the perfect white smile over time). For maximum results, the In-Surgery Whitening Treatment with home whitening kit can be purchased for €550.

You still have some time to choose from the options above whether you happen to be a bridesmaid in need of a quick glow up before the autumn wedding season, you had too many pigmented or acidic victuals this summer, or you have made an early start on preparing for a good old-fashioned Samhain/Halloween party.


You are only a booking away from having teeth white as a sheet.