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Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Now that the holidays are coming up, it is important to take care of our teeth before all the family gatherings and the family pictures are taken. But sometimes, accidents happen, teeth chip and break, and you might find yourself in need of a replacement tooth. Different problems may need different solutions, and we have already discussed several symptoms you may experience and the kind of treatments you might want to discuss with your dentist. However, this article will explore dental implants, when you might need them, and what you should know about them. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you ask your dentist about your options. Our specialists here in the Hungarian Dental Clinic at Letterkenny are more than happy to inform you about the kinds of treatments we offer.

Poor hygiene, tartar build-up, gum disease, and many other dental diseases can easily lead to losing a tooth, which must be replaced before it causes several other diseases and problems. For some patients, dentures or crowns can be the solution, but for many people, dental implants are the only possible solution. However, several factors might make you not eligible for dental implants.

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Our specialists at the Hungarian Dental Clinic will make sure that you are eligible for dental implants, help you decide if it is indeed the best course of treatment for your situation, and will also schedule you for a comprehensive dental check-up which is obligatory before each dental implant. This examination will also decide if you should have an endosteal or a subperiosteal dental implant; while the first one is an artificial root drilled into your jawbone, the latter is placed under your gums, or above your bone. Depending on previous medical history and bone density, your doctor will walk you through the process of deciding on a treatment.

The following, non-exhaustive list contains some of the reasons that might make you ineligible for dental implants:

– People with uncontrolled diabetes
– Regular smokers
– People with cancer undergoing treatment for it
– People who have gum disease
– People with low bone density

Dental implants are artificial metal roots surgically inserted into the patient’s jawbone. The stages of getting a dental implant are simple: first, your doctor will remove your teeth that need to be removed, or what is left of it, cut your gums, place an implant, and attach a titanium post. It is important that implants are made of titanium because research shows that titanium is a metal that is compatible with the human body, reducing the risk of complications in the future. The final step is to attach the crown itself, which is the part that can be seen and felt. After a successful treatment, you will feel no difference while talking or eating, and as the colour of the crown is matched to your natural teeth, other people won’t be able to tell that your tooth was replaced.

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It’s important to remember that applying dental implants is a surgical solution and as with every surgery, it can also have certain side effects. Your doctor must be aware if you have a history of reacting to anaesthetics, for instance. As a surgical procedure, it can also cause some slight discomfort or swelling afterwards, but in the long term, you will have a healthy and aesthetic set of teeth that you can show off on your family pictures. You should be prepared for a longer healing process, and you may even need extra surgical procedures, depending on the state of your teeth and overall health. However, with the help of our doctors, you will be in a friendly environment, you can ask questions at any time.

Any of us could lose a tooth, at any time, for a number of different reasons. And even though it might be out of our comfort zone to ask for help and visit the dentist, we urge you to schedule a consultation as soon as possible – not only because during the holidays it’s more difficult to find time for such an appointment, but also because having lost a tooth might also lead to several other health problems. Getting a dental implant is a longer process, and a surgical solution to a problem, but it can give you back your confidence to smile in pictures and can prevent other health problems in the future. Make sure that you book an appointment at the Hungarian Dental Clinic in Letterkenny as soon as possible.

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