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Scaling & Polishing (Dental Hygiene Treatment)

Scaling & Polishing (Dental Hygiene Treatment)


Scaling removes any tartar build-up or stains or deposits from your teeth, and at the end of this treatment a polishing paste is applied which is much more effective than regular toothpaste.

Our dentists generally recommend a scaling and polishing every 6 months to maintain a healthy oral hygiene and to prevent cavities.

Air Flow Polish


The Air Flow polish treatment is an additional cleaning which can be done after a Scale & Polish.

It involves using a high pressure polishing to remove any discolourations from your teeth (for example from tea or coffee).

Air Flow polish is often recommended for patients who want to achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

Air Flow Polish




Our dentists use white composite fillings which are made of a tooth-coloured material that is matched to your exact tooth shade.

These aesthetic fillings look almost identical to your natural teeth.


The consultation is usually the first appointment for new patients at our clinic.

During your consultation the general dentist will carry out a full dental examination and will make an x-ray if it is necessary for diagnosis.

The dentist will make a treatment plan for you which details the necessary treatments and their prices.

The dentist may also refer you to our implant specialist or orthodontist for further treatment.


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