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The Truth About Teeth Cleaning Procedures

The Perfect Smile: The Truth About Teeth Cleaning Procedures

Many people struggle with the image of their teeth that smiles back from pictures or from the mirror. However, there are numerous procedures and methods that could help them: scaling, or airflow polishing, or even aesthetic fillings. This article explores the possibilities of improving clients’ teeth.

At least once in their lives, everyone wonders about the shining white teeth of Hollywood actors, and wonders if they could have such a bright smile. Although there are toothpastes and procedures that you can safely do in the comfort of your own home, for the best results, you should contact your dentist and consult about your options. In this article, we’ll list the possible treatments you could ask for, their advantages, and when you should consider getting them done. All of these procedures are available at dentist in Letterkenny, so make sure you book your appointment in time before your errands.

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First Option: Scaling and Polishing

One of the better-known teeth cleaning methods is called scaling and polishing. During this procedure, your dentist will “scrape” your teeth to remove any built-up tartar, while making sure that even the more stubborn patches are properly cleaned. This stage is followed by a “polishing” one, when the surface of your teeth will be polished, making sure that they are smooth, and all the plaque is removed. Scaling and polishing is recommended every six months, to ensure not only having the perfect smile, but also to avoid having cavities, developing gum disease, or even periodontitis. 

Second Option: Air Flow Polishing

The first thing to know about air flow polishing, is that it does not have to be your stand-alone treatment, but it can be very effectively used after scraping and polishing. Your dentist will combine air, jet water, and sodium bicarbonate in order to remove all the stains and discolorations from tea, smoking, or coffee. This process is quick but nonetheless effective, pain-free, and is recommended for people with sensitive teeth. Consult with your doctor at Letterkenny about your options, and do not forget to book your appointment; it can be done in minutes, so that you can attend your next programme with a bright and clean smile.

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Third Option: Fillings

The third teeth cleaning method is getting fillings. By mentioning fillings, most people will automatically think about cavities, and the pain they have to endure before going to the doctor’s office. However, fillings do not only mean a necessary filling of cavities, it is also an aesthetic procedure done with a teeth-coloured paste in order to make your teeth as natural-looking as possible. You can attend your favourite programmes in peace, knowing that having fillings will not show on pictures, especially if you book your appointment now at the Hungarian Dental Clinic in Letterkenny. This method preserves the shape and form of your teeth, the natural tissues in your teeth. Even your teeth gaps can be helped with fillings, if you wish – make sure you consult your doctor about your possibilities.

Although some of the names of these procedures may sound scary, they are quick, pain-free, and can be combined for the best possible result. Having a nice and aesthetic smile is not a luxury commodity anymore, these methods are widely available. Do not hesitate to book an appointment for your next consultation to explore your possibilities about teeth cleaning.