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The Truth About Facial Aesthetics Treatment

Most people have something about themselves that they don’t like. Some of these cannot be changed, but some can if you know the right person to ask. At Dental Letterkenny, our specialists will make sure that your facial aesthetics treatment will have the best possible result for the look you are trying to achieve.

People tend to be afraid of doctors, appointments, and treatments. Either because they are afraid of the results, or the price, or maybe the treatment itself. However, most people also have something they would like to change about their appearance, and some of them don’t even realize how easy it would be to make their wishes come true. Whether it is slowing down the ageing process, removing fine lines from their faces, or having bigger lips, at Dental Letterkenny, we can help you. This article will help you familiarize yourself with the concept of facial aesthetic treatments, answer some of your questions, and guide you to ask the right questions during your first consultation.

Facial Treatment at a Dental Clinic?

Although you may associate going to the dentist with your yearly check-up or having a cavity, dentists can also treat your entire face. They have a deep and thorough understanding of facial and oral anatomy. Our professional facial aesthetics treatment specialists can make sure that there is no damage done to your nerves and skin.

Facial Aesthetics Treatment Donegal

Why Should I Get a Facial Aesthetics Treatment Done?

We must clarify that there is nothing inherently wrong with having fine lines, or wrinkles, or thinner lips. However, some people feel insecure about having puppet (also called marionette) lines that run vertically on their faces between their mouth and chin; some would like to cover up the signs of ageing or smoking. Injecting collagen to the right spots can help you to appear younger, healthier, fuller. Regular treatments slow down the natural ageing process, and thus it enhances your confidence. Although it may take a few days for the real results to show, they can last up to eighteen months. 

Facial Aesthetics Treatment Donegal

But Collagen is Produced in My Body Naturally, Why Should I Inject More?

While it is true that our bodies are naturally abundant in collagen as it is an important building block for many of our organs and body parts, including our teeth, muscles, and blood vessels, we also have to note that collagen is broken down by our bodies as we age. Furthermore, certain habits destroy collagens, such as eating too much sugar, spending too much time in direct sunlight, smoking, and even some autoimmune diseases damage collagen. As we age, the body not only destroys collagen but also produces significantly less of it, making collagen-based facial aesthetic treatments all the more important. These facial aesthetics treatments refill the collagen in your skin, subserving a natural biological process.

Facial Aesthetics Treatment Hungarian Dental Clinic Letterkenny

Why Should I Choose the Hungarian Dental Clinic?

At our clinic in Letterkenny, Donegal, we offer lip fillers, treat puppet lines, smoker lines, and can also harmonize your profile after having your braces taken off. We make sure that you are familiar and comfortable with the treatment process itself, and during a consultation, we come up with a treatment plan together. We specialize in non-surgical solutions in order to achieve a more natural-looking result, enhancing features and characteristics you already have, hiding details you do not want to show, such as small scars, or fine lines. Facial aesthetics treatments are completely pain-free and natural.

Collagen, in itself, is not a miracle substance but used by professionals, it can do wonders to your appearance and can help you achieve a different aesthetic look. You do not have to go under a surgeon’s knife, you do not have to spend days in a hospital and weeks in recovery. A couple of collagen injections and collagen-based treatments will replenish your skin, resulting in a healthier, livelier look. Make sure that you reach out to one of our facial aesthetics treatment specialists and get an appointment for a preliminary consultation regarding your treatment.