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What Can You Do About a Chipped Tooth?

Numerous reasons can cause our teeth to break or chip easily, and all of these reasons should be treated by a medical professional. Chipping teeth can easily be fixed, but to treat the symptom itself and the underlying diseases it implies, you have to schedule a consultation with your dentist. This article enumerates several causes of breaking teeth and how you may address them.

Tough nut, or the mechanical impact

Smaller cracks or chippings can occur even on a slightly tougher impact. What we mean by that: if you happen to chew on peanuts, harder bites, or you forgot to take the pit of the cherry out, it may cause some smaller or bigger damage. In these cases, your dentist might opt for a simple polishing procedure, or an aesthetic filling, based on which tooth is damaged and the size of the crack. Do not hesitate to ask for help from our specialists at the Hungarian Dental Clinic in Letterkenny. We after consultations where you can ask all the questions you feel you need to be answered, and we can also book an appointment for your treatment.

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Dental decay

We have several articles explaining dental decay, its causes, symptoms, and possible treatments. This is what most people associate with when they mention dentists, and this is a problem we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Having a decaying tooth may increase your chances of chipping them because the tooth itself is weakened, it breaks more easily. Therefore, these cracks may also affect not only the surface of the tooth but even some of the layers beneath that. Based on the depth of the crack, your dentist may recommend an aesthetic filling, In- or Onlay treatment, or even crowns. If the lesion goes too deep, you might also need a root canal treatment. 

Inlays and Onlays are treatment procedures; both of them are used on smaller cracks and a moderate decay. Dentists will choose to do Inlays and Onlays when the decay is not serious enough to use Crowns but doing only filling wouldn’t solve the problem. Inlays and Onlays may last about thirty years and may prevent additional treatments. If you believe that a chipped tooth is too damaged to be simply filled in, book your treatment at our clinic in Letterkenny now, where we can offer different types of treatments, not only for the symptom but also for the underlying diseases as well.

dental decay

Bad habits

Although it may be rarer, some bad habits can also cause damage to your teeth. Grinding teeth during the night or chewing on tools and devices can also mean a source of danger to our dental health. Some of these habits have psychological roots, which often means that your dentist will recommend you reach out to other medical professionals to treat the ailment itself and then our dentists at the clinic in Letterkenny can resolve the crack. If you are prone to grinding your sleep in your sleep, you may need to wear a night-time retainer; if you often chew on your pens and tools, you might want to consider therapy to address anxiety or other psychological problems.

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Sport and domestic injuries may also result in dental traumas. Falling and hitting your chin or getting hit in the mouth by (sport) equipment can very easily mean that you chip or maybe even break a tooth or two. In these cases, the dentists will first treat the soft tissues, and then decide if a root canal treatment or even surgery is required. Assuming that the trauma is too deep to save the tooth, after extraction, the dentist will also replace the lost tooth. 

teeth injuries

It is crucial to always get a dentist to check out our dental injuries and traumas, even if it is just a chip or a crack. There may be other underlying issues that need to be treated, and as mentioned, it might be the case that you also have to book an appointment with other professionals. But you do not need to worry, our dentists at the Hungarian Dental Clinic at Letterkenny will explain everything to you once you decide to book your appointment with us, so do not hesitate and book your appointment as soon as possible, so that by the time you’d want to show your perfect smile at the next event, it will, indeed, be perfect.